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  • Our Mission

    We exist to promote social enterprises by telling their stories and selling their products and services. Our desire is to see these companies bringing transformation to the places they've been planted.

    How We Partner

    We serve these businesses by being a sales platform for them. Not only do we sell directly to customers, but we also help retailers buy products wholesale and promote manufacturing with these social enterprises as well. From our profits we will offer 0% interest loans to new social enterprise startups.

    our story

    During a trip to Asia to tour various social enterprises the idea formed of creating a support business here in the States. Kairos Traders was then established to help these social enterprises grow their sales and their influence. We see business as holding a key to addressing many issues facing communities around the world and we want to assist those businesses in reaching their goals.

    How to get involved

    We would love to invite you to partner with these social enterprises also! You can request a kit from us and host a 'Freedom Party' where you can share about these businesses with your friends and family. This is a great way for you to join in! We are also receiving tax-deductible donations to help future social enterprises with their start up costs.

  • What we're doing


    Purnaa is an ethical garment manufacture in Kathmandu, Nepal. Their mission

    is to empower individuals and communities to become whole and complete,

    free from the enslaving circle of poverty.

    Five14 is a family of social businesses working for justice, adventure, and

    transformation in Nepal. Their goal is to prevent exploitation in high risk areas

    through their social businesses.

    Village Artisan is about empowering woman, giving dignified work to men and

    delivering fashionable quality products. Located in North India they are creating

    stories of change in families and communities.

    Beauty for Ashes believes that poverty is one of the main problems fueling human

    trafficking in the world today. To combat this they are employing woman who are

    marginalized and have survived exploitative situations.

    Dinadi makes beautiful, hand crafted, knitted and crocheted products. They are

    about creating opportunities for lasting change with the people of Nepal.

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